Amfractus Consulting

Get the best of both worlds.  Amfractus Consulting offers fresh approaches to problem-solving, with an old-fashioned commitment to quality.  At Amfractus we don’t do ‘cut-and-paste’ consultancy – we bring a tailored team of the best minds together, we get to the heart of the problem, and we make lasting change possible.


We deliver problem-solving and strengths-based consultancy services for both public and private sectors, with a focus on:

Draw on our expert planning and strategy team, for fresh ideas and strong performance.

Intelligent reviews, reports, research and analytic services will help you position for the next step.

Take advantage of our creative hub, for concept incubation, market testing, and powerful results.

Empower for change with a deft hand – end-to-end planning, facilitation and implementation services.

We hear you. Make sure the rest of the world does. Promotional or strategic copywriting, take your pick.

“A win-win solution after a long history of strategic stalemate.”



“Quality is my dignity” is the solemn motto of our Founding Director, Ellen Seccombe.  Her energy, integrity and pragmatism inform everything we do at Amfractus Consulting.  The latin, Amfractus, refers to the curvature of growth in nature – like vines that grow towards the light – and we take our inspiration for organisational growth from this symbol.  Ellen Seccombe has over a decade of management experience, and specialist expertise in health and public service reform.


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