Are you sick of cut-and-paste consultancy? As consultants, we value the art of listening as much as we value the end product. Ultimately, this is the secret to our success – ensuring that what you receive from us is a strategic and creative extension of your vision, values, priorities and resource profile. We don’t ‘do to you’ we ‘do with you’, helping to grow your organisational capability along the way.



First, we learn about you. What makes your organisation tick? What do you see for your future? How can your current strengths be leveraged for future growth and success?


We want to understand how our expertise can help to extend yours.

We check

Once we understand your organisation we will present you with a formal proposal. Expect us to assemble an expert team with the exact configuration of skills that match the task at hand. We have access to a broad pool of expertise, including highly specialised and niche areas: research and academic, financial, legal, clinical, statistical, economic; which complement our team of management, project, change and copywriting consultants.


At this point, we ask you to check that we have listened well, making sure that you are comfortable with our proposed approach, the suggested team, and the quoted price or estimate that we have provided.

We do

With your go ahead and a crystal clear idea of what you need from us, we get to work. How we work will ultimately depend on your needs, but often there is an initial research phase, ensuring that the best evidence available (both local and global) is reflected in the final result. Typically, we would then enter a creative stage to design a solution that is fit-for-purpose. Following this, we articulate a preliminary strategy, assessment, or set of recommendations for your input.

We Test

Testing our ideas with you is an important part of the process. A workshop with your key staff and stakeholders allows us to gain crucial input from you to develop and refine the solution, and to make sure that what we recommend can be implemented in practice.

We Present

Following the refinement of your and our combined ideas, we develop a final report or resource for your use. Our focus is on clarity, practicality and punctuality. Our solutions don’t collect dust.


Recent consultancy assignments have included:

• program evaluation for an Australian Primary Health Network

• business and product development for a university

• transition planning for a primary health care organisation

• strategic planning for a not-for-profit organisation

• technical and tender- writing for a residential aged care facility.

Get used to getting results.  Choose Amfractus.