Strategic Copywriting


Let us explain what we mean by ‘strategic-copywriting’.


Picture this: you already know exactly what you want to write for an upcoming tender application, but you don’t have the time or the skilled staff at hand. Do you get a consultant in? (Bank account says ‘ouch’).


In this situation, many businesses choose the ‘DIY approach’. Executive staff or middle managers find time for writing, where time simply doesn’t exist. In stolen minutes between meetings. At the desk before 7am to gain some peace and quiet before colleagues start to arrive. Or in the dark hours after the kids have gone to bed.


One of our clients lamented feeling as though he had to choose between “egg on my face” and “paying out our entire profit margin to a consultant”. In other words, there’s not enough time to really ‘nail’ the application, but the alternative is difficult to justify.


If you know what you want to say and have the data to back it up there is a middle ground. Rather than outlay on a consultant maybe you need a smart copywriter? Someone who ‘gets’ strategy, understands the nuances of application politics, and knows how to speak the language of your field?


We think you can have your cake and eat it too.


A smart copywriter supported by a consultant, goes a long, long way. We call this ‘strategic-copywriting’.



But, sometimes the decision between consultancy and copywriting can feel a little fuzzy. Initially you may know exactly what you want only to feel lost when it comes to writing or explaining the specifics. Maybe the picture wasn’t so clear. Maybe you need to dig further, or do some research. These guiding questions may help:


The Why

  1. Do you have a strategic plan? Do you know exactly how this tender supports and extends your overarching strategy?  Do you know how your proposal aligns with the vision of the funder?


The What

  1. Have you done your research? Do you know how the ‘nuts and bolts’ will fit together? Do you have hard data to support your pitch?


The How

  1. Do you have an implementation plan? You might just win the tender, then what?


If ‘yes’ consider saving yourself some time and money and hire a strategic copywriter.


Blog by Ellen

Managing Director, Amfractus Consulting